"You work with what there is not with what you would like there to be”

Javier Galitó. T. Meisner.

Actress. Languages are Tirma's second love.

Her most recents works have been in two spanish TV series called "Amar es para siempre" playing Miriam and in  "La Que se Avecina" in which she played Belén. 

She will be starring in the upcoming feature  film "La Mora" directed by Mohamed Ismail. This is a Moroccan production with Spanish participation based on the Civil War, in which she plays carmen one of the main characters.

Lately she has been working in theatre in the production "Septiembre, último verano" directed by Ascen Caballero; #ERROR 404, a theatrical dystopia directed by Alba Celma with live music, in which she plays Sofía, one the main characters, performed at the #intemperieteatro; and a short movie called"Tiqwah" written and directed by Beatriz Abad with Verónica Forqué and Alba Esgueva in the cast. 

She has performed in the site-specific production “Requiem” directed by Christa Mountain, (EEUU) and Joaquin Fernández, three different stories with phyisical theatre, and dance. 


She has created her own project “Ultima oportunidad para estar guapo” a play in wich she was producer, writer and actress.

She has been part of the female creative artist workshop“Ellas crean, ellas inspiran”  at the Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo.

She is an active member of @actoresenmovimiento, a group of actors in which she performs, writes and directs.

She estudied dance, , arts  theatre and music, with different instructors such as María Porter (Suzuki and View Points, USA) Chloe Xhauflaire (Susan Batson Studio), Javier Galitó Cava, (Meisner Technique), Mar Navarro y Andrés Hernández (Le Coq), Francesc Bravo (contemporary dance ), Julia Varley (Odin Teatret), Concha Doñaque (Voice) Andrés Lima, Gabriel Olivares… 


As an actress, she has worked in many theatrical projects with various directors such as Paca Ojea, Paco Vidal, Daniel Lovechio, María Pareja, Esperanza Lemos and Tatiana Carel in Spain. And in international projects too with directors such as Jaroslaw Antoniuk (Poland), Jens Erwin Siemssen and Julianne Siemsen (Germany) and  Christa Mountain (USA).


In cinema we have seen her in the film “Sesión” directed by Daniel Diosdado, (Best foreign movie at the “Indie Fest” California), in "LAL" directed by Alicia Díaz,  and in “El Violín de Piedra” and “Yerma” directed by Emilio R. Barrachina, the  last one in English.

Nowadays she is part from an acting workshop with Pablo Messiez.